Spatial SQL -> Alphanumeric representation of spatial data

Here we have some Lat-Long data that represents a bunch of geographic objects in Milan city (Italy). The objects are Points of Interest (Tourist Attractions), several street lines and areas (polygons).

Points of Interest source
Stazione Centrale04 - building9.2052495245.48606029
Grattacielo Pirelli04 - building9.2019510945.48387906
Duomo05 - Chiesa9.1916703445.46419026
Chiesa San. Maria della Pieta05 - Chiesa9.1211463245.50216391
Ippodromo06 - sport9.1289360645.47598427
Meazza - San Siro Stadio06 - sport9.1289360645.47598427
Leonardo DaVinci07 - monument9.1905697745.46619728
Pinacoteca di Brera08 - museum/galery9.1855517045.47199264
Museo Poldi Pezzoli08 - museum/galery9.1920573345.46792366

POI source table includes coordinates of city attractions (center point):
CREATE TABLE milan_pnt_src (
id INT,
name Varchar (60),
[type] Varchar (50)
lat Varchar (60),
lon Varchar (60));

Street Line source
08Via Dante9.18247011645.468029409
18Via Dante9.18392575545.466958431
28Via Dante9.18519456445.465925561
38Via Dante9.18624497645.465157677
48Via Dante9.18723835245.464538579
58Via Dante9.18839302945.463803270

Streets source table includes coordinates of line vertices:
CREATE TABLE milan_street_src (
street_id INT,
node_no INT,
name Varchar (60),
lat Varchar (60),
lon Varchar (60));