TSQL -> Calculate next birthday

The mission is to calculate next birthday of employee which falls in the range of 12 months from today.

USE [colombo]

SELECT RTrim(c.LastName) + ' ' + RTrim(c.FirstName) AS Employee_name, c.DateOfBirth, CASE WHEN c.CurrBDate >= c.Today THEN NextBDate ELSE c.NextBDate END AS BirthDay
  (SELECT b.lastname, b.firstname, b.DateOfBirth, b.Today,
  b.CurrBDate +
  (CASE WHEN DAY(b.DateOfBirth)=29 AND DAY(b.CurrBDate)=28
  THEN 1 ELSE 0 END) AS CurrBDate,
  b.NextBDate +
  (CASE WHEN DAY(b.DateOfBirth)=29 AND DAY(b.NextBDate)=28
  THEN 1 ELSE 0 END) AS NextBDate
  (SELECT a.lastname, a.firstname, a.DateOfBirth, a.Today,
  DateAdd(Year,a.Delta,a.DateOfBirth) AS CurrBDate,
  DateAdd(Year,a.Delta + 1,a.DateOfBirth) AS NextBDate
   (SELECT lastname, firstname, DateOfBirth,
   DateDiff(year,dateofbirth, GETDATE()) AS Delta,
   CAST(Convert(CHAR(8), GETDATE(),112) AS DateTime) AS Today
   FROM Employees) AS a) AS b) AS c

Query results will look like this:
silver john1958-12-082008-12-08
garbo gret1949-01-152008-01-15
chen le1969-10-012008-10-01
defo daniel1978-04-012008-04-01