Python, PostgreSQL, MySQL examples

examples are created and tested using Python 2.7, postgesql 9.3, mysql 5.1
Connect to PostgreSQL database from Python 2016-02-05
Python. Test use of date-time functions 2016-02-07
Python script for searching and copying numerous files 2016-03-19
Python connectivity test for number of web pages 2016-04-11
Python script for finding string in web page 2016-04-26
Python script for testing (SOAP) web service using "suds" module 2016-04-30
Python script for finding large files in given directory 2016-07-07
Python script for testing connection to ms-sql database 2016-07-15
Python. Number of ways to explore dictionary content 2016-08-04
Create and populate MySQL table 2007-02-11
PostgreSQL. Some examples of SQL syntax in Postgres 2014-10-18
MySQL. Change table structure using ALTER TABLE 2010-01-05
MySQL. Join between two tables 2008-05-21
MySQL. Query that retrieves last invoice made by sales-person 2007-10-18
Create index on MySQL table 2007-09-04
MySQL string functions. Part 1 2007-08-22
MySQL string functions. Part 2 2007-08-24
MySQL string functions. Part 3 2008-05-19
MySQL. Using wildcards in RLIKE operator 2008-06-02
MySQL. Using wildcards in LIKE operator 2011-09-18
MySQL. Date-Time formatting functions 2007-12-10
MySQL. Date and Time manipulation 2007-12-10
MySQL. Simple UDF (User Defined Function) 2007-11-14
MySQL. Function that helps to clear email address string 2008-05-08
MySQL. Create dates sequence table in stored procedure 2007-11-30
MySQL. Create sites visits report using dates-sequence table 2007-12-02
MySQL. Calculate distance between two points 2007-09-03
MySQL string encryption. Example 1 2007-08-17

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