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SQL Standards Is SQL a Real Standard Anymore? Article by Michael M. Gorman
Data Administration www.tdan.com Quality Content for Data Management Professionals
SQL www.1keydata.com/sql/sql.html Online Tutorial for SQL Language
SQL. Databases essentialsql.com Easy SQL Language Tutorial for non-techie people
SQL. Databases www.essentialsql.com/normalize Database normalization explained in simple manner
Programming stackoverflow.com Question-Answer site for professional and enthusiast programmers
SQL-Server Journey to SQL Authority Pinal Dave. Notes of a SQL Server MVP and Database Administrator
SQL-Server MSSQLTips.com Expert tips focused on helping to solve sql-server issues: DBA, devolopers, BI, tools and so on
SQL-Server Spatial Dave does Data. David Lean MSDN blog Information about SQL Server Spatial methods
Software Development martinfowler.com An author, speaker, and loud-mouth on the design of enterprise software


.mdb file with tables and SQL queries examples used in this site
colombo.zip - 75 kb
MSSQL 2008 db database .bak file with tables used in sql examples   MSSQL 2008 database - 9.6 Mb
MSSQL 2012 db database .bak file with tables used in sql examples   MSSQL 2012 database - 4.2 Mb
Simple utility for translating tables of variety of formats to XML file:
Open data file -> Select table -> Click "Convert To XML" button -> Save AS XML
MyXml.zip - 551 kb
Sample points of interest in Milan city center:
Name, type, latitude, longitude in Tab Delimeted text file.
milan_pnt_src.txt - 3 kb
Sample Shape files Sample map of Milan city center   Shape files - 196 kb

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